Wednesday, February 18, 2015

send a masseuse, please.

Early Monday morning (Lundi Gras) I hopped on a plane headed for Aspen, Colorado.

If you're not in shape, snowboarding will kick you in the twat.

Tomorrow I'll post a Mardi Gras post but I'm so sore that even typing this little bit is a struggle.
WAH! :'(

Monday, February 9, 2015

the cutest thing ever..


hope everyone's day was as beautiful as today's weather.  xo


maybe it's time i get a kitten.  :-)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

and now this from my soapbox:

it dawned on me today how much my blog reading has dwindled down to a small pilot light. and that's remarkable considering how many i used to read in just one day, most of which were local blogs around town.
why am i bringing this up? well today i was skimming through my reader (holds all the blogs i follow) and there they all were, post after post after post, complaining and berating some poor soul who they feel is a complete moron or loser because surly they could do a better job, right? i'm not talking about a once in a while bitch session, oh no, it's constant. i suppose it's all about the slander and making whoever the target is appear as tiny as the roaches that live in my walls. how i see it, it's easy to tear someone down if you really don't have a pressure filled job, one that pounds on your back most of the day. and lets face it, real pressure isn't sitting in a nice air condititoned room pecking at the keys while your nextdoor neighbor is at the hospital with her child who's in intensive care. now that's pressure people.

i can't help but wonder if any of these bloggers were in some sort of public spotlight how they'd handle the everyday stress and pressure like those idiots they so cleverly write about.

probably not very well.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

thought of the day

maybe music with strangers is the path to world peace. 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Blonde Moment #1

how could i resist not posting something about Bensongate? seriously, it's all so bizarre it makes my head hurt. do i have to pick a side? Gayle or Rita? sure, that's easy, i'm going with Gayle. i mean, first off, it's not rita's team.. HELLO... IT'S_NOT_HER_FREAKIN'_TEAM!
sorry charlie, whether you, me or anyone else likes it or not her grandfather, Mr. Benson can do anything he damn well pleases. but if i'm completely honest here, i think the real reason i'm so miffed with spoiled rotten brat poo-poo pants Rita is because even if she doesn't win her law suit, she still gets 400 million dollars.
i mean come on shrines, how much do ya really need to be happy? 400 million certainly would work for me.

be hey, it's their fight, let'em duke it out but my chip is on Mr. and Mrs Benson. yep, no judge is going to want to give this team to Rita so she can turn around and sell us the next day. can you imagine the long term consequences for that judge? lawd!

so, now that i've gotten that out of the way, lemme tell you about my little Rita Benson LeBlanc story. i'm pretty sure i've even written a post on this a long time ago but i'm too lazy to go back and find it.

and it definitely should be filed under:

                        Blonde Moment #1


the year was 2009 (or 2008) and i was in Atlanta to watch the Saints play the dirty birds. minding my own business, heading to my room i hopped on a crowded elevator.....

lady: "WOW I love your boots! Where did you get them?"
me:   "oh a while ago in New York, thank you."
lady:  "Figures, New York always has such great finds."
me   "i can see by your sweater you must be a Saints fan"

zero response. zilch, zip, nada. absolutely nothing. **crickets**

she gave the 2 blink stare and quickly exited the elevator with her friend.

the doors closed and everyone in the elevator howled with laughter. perplexed, i asked (to no one in particular) if i had said something wrong. the guy next to me chuckled and informed me it was Rita Benson LeBlanc.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Gayarré Place Monument which is really a Chinese House.

growing up on Bayou St. John had many advantages, one was my grandparents (on each side) lived within 2 blocks from one another on Esplanade Ave. if you're familiar with the area it's just a few minutes away but also as with all parts of New Orleans, worlds apart.
every sunday we jumped from one house to the other and always there was food, laughter and plenty of hugs. my secret part of the day was to see the "Chinese House"   it wasn't really a house but a statue, but you could never convince me of that.
a few weeks ago i passed the statue and it struck me that i had no clue of it's history. i had to laugh at myself because i'm just curious by nature and i never bothered to look into this. well..i knew exactly who to contact: a Twitter friend Jen aka @blathering who is a walking New Orleans encyclopedia. if she doesn't know, no one does. (and she's pretty handy at research as well) so here's the poop on the Chinese House:
There's a small triangular park bordered by Esplanade Avenue, Bayou Road and North Tonti known as Gayarre' Place, honoring New Orleans historian Charles Etienne Gayarre'. Just across the avenue at 2306 Esplanade is the house in which French impressionist painter Edgar Degas lived during his stay in New Orleans with his Musson relatives. At the center of Gayarre's park is a statue atop a terra-cotta base representing the Goddess of History - Genius of Peace. The original monument (before its relocation on Esplanade) was displayed at the 1884 New Orleans World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition. 

so. there is is. it's not a Chinese house after all. i'm a little upset over this new found information, and i'm sure no one gives a flip that it's not what i always thought it was.
tell you what, you can believe it's a statue representing the Goddess of History and i'll contine believing it's a Chinese house.

there. i feel much better now. 


Thursday, January 22, 2015

move outta my way!

there's so much going on in the news lately my head wants to explode. so in light of that, i'd like to share with you my latest adventure: Sam's Club. yep, you heard right, Sam's. have you been? am i the only person on the planet that's never strolled down it's enormous isles of mega food offerings? (i'm betting so)

last week i had the chance of a lifetime (insert sarcasm) to take a drive with my neighbor over to the country (Slidell) and walk through the pearly gates of Sam's. HOLY HELL! what in the world is going on here? i mean, i get that if you own a restaurant or maybe have an extra room or two to store a flat of toilet paper... but gezum. i had to laugh out loud when i came across a 60 pound bad of red beans. 60 POUNDS! i'm telling you, i've never seen so much bulk in one place before.

ok, i can see you rolling your eyes, but hey, it was my first visit and it was quite a shock. that being said, i had nothing in my giant buggy except enough Windex to keep the Hyatt windows sparkly clean. and there it was.. i knew in an instant it had to be mine.
that's right. this bad boy went home with me.
there's something freeing about pushing those tiny pedals while the pleather ribbons fly in the air. Mr. Theard our lovable mailman just smiled and waved at me as i passed him. i gave him a little "ring-ring" with my nifty bell thingy and offered him a lift on my backboard but he declined with a shake of his head. 

some people just don't know how to have fun i suppose. that's ok... i'm betting sometime today he's going to think back and regret his decision.

Monday, January 12, 2015

summer love

seriously? 4 months?
well, i need to do something about that.
but until then i'll just post this fun pic since my mind is on summer and i'm sick of winter and anything that has to do with it. blech.

so.... i was just about to title this post "summer love' when this oldie but goodie popped in my head. and now i can't stop singing it. O.O

see... i haven't lost my ability to annoy. :p


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

just another day

back when i was little, i remember a flower in the florist shop they called "birds of paradise" ~ those bright spikey flowers with orange beaks and such. they seemed like they were real birds to me.

so if the birds were real, it stood to reason that paradise was real too. right?

brainstorming, i wasn't sure what to believe. the closest thing that resembled paradise was Bayou St. John and my beloved park across the street. but there were no birds of paradise to be found among the lush gardens in City Park,  nor the peaceful waterway of Bayou St. John.

so, given the wild imagination i was blessed with, it was settled that the colorful flowers were on holiday at the florist shop and they promised to return to my beloved bayou and park when it was time to make their way home to paradise.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

some fun facts. ;-)

i just read this on the internets and had to share! enjoy.

Everyone knows that New Orleans is a fun town. That’s a world-famous gimme. You also probably know that there’s amazing food, nightlife, and music, too, not to mention an ingrained, intractable attitude of celebratory weirdness and passion you won’t find in any other city on the face of the Earth. That said, it might be surprising to know that some people are simply better at being New Orleanians than others. Here’s what the most awesome among us are doing right, and how you can at least attempt to be as fantastic as they are:

1. They are helpful to tourists
Yep. A tough one for some. But like the service industry, New Orleans wouldn’t be what it is without tourism, and we’re thankful for it. If you need help with directions or similar information, natives are almost unfailingly happy to help. And if your information request involves food, you might want to settle in for a long conversation.

2. They also embrace the fact that Carnival season ensures glitter is EVERYWHERE
You can’t escape it. It’s going to wind up on your clothes, your skin, probably in your breakfast cereal, and it’s nearly impossible to completely get rid of. So you may as well just accept that fact and be happy that you’re in a place in which this isn't necessarily considered a problem.

3. They wave people through in traffic
This might seem like a trivial detail, but it’s not. With a lackluster public transit system (to say the least), there are a lot of drivers sharing the pothole-riddled roads of the Crescent City. And since it’s too hot for road rage, just letting somebody in ahead of you is an easy way to love thy New Orleans neighbor.

4. They treat service folks kindly
Being rude to your waiter isn’t going to make you look like a big shot in the Big Easy. In fact, it’s just the opposite; doing so is considered a deeply grave faux pas here, one that will have people questioning your parents’ parenting skills, no matter how old you are. The service industry is vital to this city, and so are the people who make that industry hum.

5. They own more than one wig
Surprising? Well, in a city like this, you never know when a good costume will be suddenly necessary, and that all starts with the wig.

6. They know their neighbors
There are weird parts of America in which people live and go about their daily routines while consciously avoiding the people who live closest to them. New Orleans is not one of those places.

7. They are experts at hurricane preparedness and evacuation
The threat of city-wide annihilation by divine wrath is very real and serious here. Hurricane parties can be a blast, but the best of us know when and how to get out of town when a big one is building in the Gulf, and they also have plenty of fresh water, food, and booze to see them through whatever happens.

8. They say hello to one another
Even if -- no, especially if -- they don’t know each other. If you’re walking down the street in New Orleans and you’re not greeted by a handful of “Aw-right”s and “How you doin'”s, you might have something very alarming going on with your appearance. So you should probably have that checked out.
9. They love the Saints
Because there isn’t really fair weather in New Orleans, there should be no fair-weather fans. QED. We bleed black and gold through thick and thin (lest we forget the bag-head days of the “Aints”), and never forget to bless our boys. The Pelicans and the Zephyrs are also pretty great, but sadly, they lack Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, and the spectacularly bearded Rob Ryan.

10. They avoid the perils of the French Quarter
Generally the chintzy souvenir shops, street hustlers, and most of Bourbon St, and specifically the unspeakably toxic brew that fills the 300-year-old potholes, among other things.

11. They do not avoid or shun parishes that are not Orleans
Living in the Marigny or the Garden District or Mid-City is awesome, but every now and again, you’ll find yourself headed to the West Bank, Metairie, or Kennah (brah). There are actually some great things to be found there. It’s true. You should seek them out.

12. They know what it means...
“To miss New Orleans”, or so the song goes. The best New Orleanians, it turns out, are almost always ones that, even despite this city’s numerous (and often very public) flaws, couldn’t possibly imagine living anywhere else.

13. ... but they don’t pester native New Orleanians with diatribes about “what New Orleans is”
If you’re a transplant to NOLA from somewhere that is not NOLA (and hence not nearly as wonderful, of course), we’re happy to have you! You’re what helps make New Orleans the fastest-growing city in the nation. But don’t think that because you moved here after Katrina and have lived in Bywater for four whole years that you’re some kind of expert on what makes this city what it is.

14. They have a partying transportation game plan
Drunk driving is NOT cool. Getting home safely is VERY cool. Awesome New Orleanians know how to have a great time all night long without doing something as stupid as getting behind the wheel of a vehicle when they are toasted. Also, cabbies usually have great stories.

15. They hold their hooch
It’s like a mantra in New Orleans that drinking here is a marathon, not a sprint. We don’t get wasted early in the night by doing seven tequila shots and then projectile vomiting on the dance floor before the main act even takes the stage.

16. They support the arts
Whether it’s the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, the folk artist who lives up the block, or that weird guy who is producing an all transgender bounce rap opera about Huey P. Long, excellent New Orleanians dig the local arts scene.
This needs no further explanation.

18. They know how to make a roux
This is how good things always begin in these parts. If someone knows how to properly execute a roux without burning it, it’s a certainty that whatever follows is going to be pretty spectacular. If you’ve ever experienced a real crawfish étouffée, you’ll agree.

19. They bring beer
There are few events in life that cannot be improved upon by showing up with a cooler of cold beer -- parades, crawfish boils, Little League games, you name it. Highly effective New Orleanians know this.

20. They embrace the heat
This is a place where 92 degrees and 75% humidity is considered a mild August day. No one wants to hear someone else whine about the heat... we’re hot, too. We’re in this together. Instead of complaining, how about offering me some of that cold beer (see above)? Or better still, a daiquiri or a frozen Irish coffee?

21. They are super-fantastic at celebrating Mardi Gras
There are rules to the greatest free party in the world, and the best of the best know them by heart. You should, too.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

the perfect recipe

lately i've been thinking about taking a trip sometime next fall. just the thought automatically sends my mind into an autopilot tailspin of various thoughts and colorful daydreams.
instantly I start to jot down my ideas which normally fall into categories of things to see and do and the best places to bring my ever growing appetite. inevitably somewhere in those rambling lists I'll print in bold letters, "BOOKSTORE".
every trip I'll seek out the local bookstore, i think those are the best kind. they're filled with gobs of information and almost always have the friendliest staff. come to think of it, i've never met an unfriendly bookstore employee. ever. they're always helpful and willing to share whatever you need to know about the town you're in. but for me, it's always about the food from their location on the map. just point me towards the local cookbook section and I'll try not to stay all day.
collecting cookbooks has been a hobby of mine since I was a teenager. my little friends who adorn my bookcases vary from regions all over the world. so as odd as this may sound, i'm planning my next trip to somewhere I've never been; a place who's cookbook has been waiting to take up residence on my shelf. so as i peruse my collection it's clear to me i'm in dire need of the perfect Moussaka recipe and the more i think about it, Moussaka would be a perfect fall dish. ;-)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

blonde moment #503,60222,053,6403

i thought i had heated up a small cup of homemade dressing. it looked perfect, slathered all over my toasty roastbeast sandwich..
much to my surprise it was horseradish sauce.  O.O

next time i'll put on my reading glasses.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fact #729

when people complain about the summer heat in New Orleans.
it's hot in the summer. always has been, always will be.
if you're that miserable, i suggest you move.
besides, it could always be worse .....
it could be wet, freezing and windy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

just say no.

i don't enjoy listening to the radio while i drive.
there. i said it.

i'm probably the only person on the planet who feels this way... i'm sure of it. why you ask? well, usually because i spend too much time bouncing around the stations searching for something i enjoy listening to. oh sure, i'll stumble upon a song, but then it's over and i'm left feeling down because i can't find another tune i like half as much as the one before. sort of like when you're engulfed in a really good book and you're at the last chapter and you see there are only 4 more pages left. i hate that.
for years now i listen to nothing but the little wheels in my head. you'd be amazed at what i can accomplish while driving. I bet the lists i come up with would put novelist Umberto Eco to shame. on the flip side, it drives my two sons bonkers. "mom, how can you stand it? i can't believe you don't listen to the radio. what do you do listen to if you don't listen to music?" my reply is always the same. "oh i just listen to my lovely thoughts (taps forehead) don't worry, i'm in good company." then the eye rolls start and i have to giggle to myself.

why is it so hard for most people to drive without turning on the radio? i suggest the next time you climb into your car, make a resolution not to turn on the radio for the duration of your trip. i'm willing to guess one of three things will happen: A) you'll have organized your entire day. B) you'll remember where you put those darn scissors you spent all morning searching for. C) some guy at the light will laugh hysterically at you because he caught you having a nice conversation with yourself.

and then the turd drives off shaking his head. hmph.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

up on the roof

when i was in seventh grade my best friend Lynn and i would steal a few of her moms cigarettes, climb out of her bedroom window and onto her roof facing Bayou St. John. from there we could hear her mother sing Nancy Sinatra songs as we lit up and did our best not to cough as we enjoyed our stolen smokes. we counted the cars on the other side of the bayou driving down Wisner and made up stories about where they might be going. sometimes we'd see a duck swimming solo in the dark and wonder if he was lost. many of those summer nights we would bring our dinner up to the roof and stay there until the sun sank beneath the horizon and the first stars would slowly come out and do their magic.
we spent many summer nights sitting on Lynn's roof. her mom was always trying to find us, but her voice sounded muffled and so small that it was easy to ignore. the beauty of being on the roof is that no one ever thinks to look for you up there. sometimes i even think that we shed our childhood and grew up hidden away on Lynn's roof with Nancy Sinatra distantly serenading us.

Monday, July 7, 2014

blonde moment #03,66935,053

this morning i dropped my iphone. no biggie, i've done it a million times but instead of paying the iphone doctor mega bucks to fix it, i thought the auto glass shop 4 blocks away could prolly do it for a better price.

em. i suppose that was a wasted trip. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

buh bye

do you know how long it takes to delete 14,524 emails? exactly 12.9 minutes
oh, by the way ... you have to go into your "trash" folder to delete them forever. seriously worth the effort. :-)

Monday, June 30, 2014

pizza nazi

there's no denying it but i ADORE pizza. so much so that when i renovated my kitchen, i went through great lengths to have a state of the art pizza oven built. (you can't imagine what a fiasco this little project was.) so i'm pretty fussy about my pizza when i'm out and about looking for that delicious baked bread with the gooey cheese on top paired with a nice wine of significant volume. (aka a jug of wine)

last weekend i decided to venture out to Freret St. and try two pizza joints i've never been to. first was Midway Pizza, it's just a stones throw away from Octavia but for a few reasons, none of which matter anymore, i've stayed away. walking in i was surprised by its spacious size, but the lighting is really poor at night and i made the mistake of not sitting at the bar since i'd much rather that then a table. i'm pretty picky with my pizza but the manager talked me into ordering 3 of their finest. seems excessive but hey, it'll never go to waste in my house and i was there strictly for a taste testing expedition.

all in all the pizza's were very good. not outstanding but pretty darn tasty.

unfortunately all three pizza's really needed to sit in the oven just a minute longer because the dough was a tad undercooked, but the toppings were generous and delicious. i was blown away with their cheese which was seriously good and the service was friendly and attentive. the wine list was basic but the servings were generous. i'll give it a solid B over all.

second on my list was Ancora Pizza which is just a block or so away from Midway. i decided to go two nights later while my mental notes from earlier were fresh in my mind.

the atmosphere was light and airy as i headed straight for the bar. i had a great view of their pizza oven, which in itself was impressive to look at. i love watching someone make a pizza and slide it back and forth with the paddle. once again, i ordered 3 of their best pizza's as advised by their staff. their prices were higher than Midway and the wine servings were ridiculously small comparatively speaking.

the service was great and i really enjoyed chatting up with the friendly manager. all three pizza's were reminiscent of ones i've had throughout Italy. bread slightly charred in areas and cheese, although outstanding, was sporadic on the pie. it was a hit or miss to get a taste with each bite, but what was most disappointing was the pizza wasn't very hot.. it was lukewarm at best. if i'm going to eat pizza, i want it to be a hot mess, not an artsy subject i'll later want to duplicate on my sailcloth. it gets a C in my book.

i'm glad i finally did this because it reaffirms why i went through all the trouble and headache to have my wood burning pizza oven built. that being said, i won't pass up an invite to either Midway or Ancora Pizza in the future ... i'll just have a little word with the prep dude when i go.

the pizza snob has spoken.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


 i have news.. but first i want to go back to 5/15/12 when i wrote this post:

i've been unable to ride my scooter for weeks now. there's a momma mocking bird (Emma) who's made a nest in the back wheel so i can't move my pink powderpuff. she's a very small female who's extremely protective. if i get too close she'll fly right at my face, so i stay clear. a few times i've had a good look while she's been away to find food and there among the twigs and leaves are three precious little eggs. they remind me of Easter candy. :) i've taken a few pictures but none of them have come out because it's just too dark inside the wheel. i went to Lowe's and bought a small birdbath and placed it next to the scooter in hopes she'll use it, but so far she's not interested. i've also set out food but all my attempts to aid her have failed. i guess the best thing i can do is leave Emma alone.

this is really hard because i want to help her.  :( 
it's not easy watching a birds nest.

i think i need a new hobby.

guess who's back?! yep, little Miss Emma has returned. she's set up shop once again in the back wheel of my Vespa. she's back to her ornery self, fussing at me if i get too close. i'm going to try and get some pics this time so hopefully i'll have updates.  ;-)

Monday, June 9, 2014


i woke up in the middle of the night in a panic because i remembered my drivers license was going to expire in a few weeks.

now i ask you.. is this a good reason to ruin a good nights sleep? certainly not. but there i was, sitting straight up in a tizzy. and how does that even happen? my drivers license isn't something i've thought about in a very long time, yet it woke me up just to remind me.

hello, monday.