Tuesday, May 24, 2016

lives in a world full of wonder

last night an old friend called me (all excited) asking if I'd like to join her with a few other peeps to fly to Jamaica to swim with dolphins.

i'm going to let you just think about that for a minute.
go on.... take your time, i'll wait.

first off, i learned years ago, while swimming in black water at the Key Biscayne Triathlon Trilogy ~ big open water scares the bajesus out of me. secondly, big fishes no matter how sweet they appear aren't happy to pal up with little ole me.
(park me on the crow's nest of our boat, "The Gumbo" with a cocktail and i'm peachy as can be.)

with all that in mind, i declined and thanked her  profusely.

*anyone interested in hiking The Appalachian Trail this fall. look me up. (i'll bring the Doritos!)


Monday, May 23, 2016

take me away..

why is it so hard for me to sit still like a normal human being? i desperately want to learn this seemingly delightful habit but i lack the discipline.
i've been told my entire life to "slow down and smell the roses".  if i were honest with myself, the only time i'm every truly relaxed is on any given friday around 6:30. that's when the bell in my mind goes off to signal the weekend and you can bet your front choppers i'm sitting in some restaurant ordering an Old Fashioned or a Martini. 
so here's the deal: i'm turning over a new leaf. a new me. i'm determined to shut my brain off with its constant lists and whatnots that dictate my existence.

so anywho, i decided to look up "How to Relax" on my nifty computer and here's the first thing that popped up:

  1. Do Some Yoga. Put your feet up—against the wall, of course. ...
  2. Stretch. Standing up for a quick stretch can relieve muscle tension and help us relax during a stressful workday . ...
  3. Run in Place. We may not be able to run away from stress, but it's worth practicing. ...
  4. Take a Quick Walk.

lets break this down.
1.) i loth yoga. it's the most boring activity i can think of. and don't give me "it's really great exercise" baloney. it's a sad excuse people who hate to exercise use and i think it's dumb.
2.) stretch. i stretch every single morning before i get out of bed and it hasn't changed a damn thing.
3.) run in place. (huh?) i'm a distance runner and this is the silliest thing i've ever read.
4.) take a quick walk.  wait.  what?  if i'm going to take a quick walk, i'm going to run. it's how my brain works.

so there's that. i suppose the best thing for me to do is float on a raft in my pool and pick out animal shapes in the clouds.
i'm really going to work at this because trust me, it's not easy.
at least not for me anyway.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"she gazed at him alluringly and grinned."

after a nice stay in WaterColor, FL i've come home to a bee in my house. first off, i'm petrified of those guys but since they're so important to our ecosystem i've tried to do the civilized thing and swoosh him away with a broom.

i've broken 1 lamp, a picture frame and a bowl that holds some fruit.

i still haven't gotten him out of the house and he's toying with me now. so in an effort to lure him in by ignoring him, i've decided to do some reading on these scary little fellas that torment my summer romps in the mud.

It has often been said that bees are responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat. Most crops grown for their fruits (including vegetables such as squash, cucumber, tomato and eggplant), nuts, seeds, fiber (such as cotton), and hay (alfalfa grown to feed livestock), require pollination by insects. Jul 30, 2015

i did not know this.

btw, i see him as i'm typing.
we are currently in a deep stare down.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

i'm talented like that.

do you want to know what this is? sure you do.

i don't know how these things happen, and i can't even begin to understand the workings of this stupid piece of gum that almost ruined my favorite white jeans. and the wired part is i haven't chewed gum since i caught a glimpse of myself chomping away at a side mirror in Dillard's. i was horrified.
so my niece offered a sick of Juicy Fruit and i foolishly accepted. the whole ugly affair must have taken place when i was multitasking, ya know, changing clothes and throwing the gum in the trash.
i guess i missed the trashcan.

tell you what, prying my jeans off the inside of my thigh wasn't pleasant.

thanks coach payton.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

well, hello there..

has it really been a year since i've posted?

well, it's been quite a year. i'll recap to get you up to speed.

my sweet sister Marie became very ill with an incurable cancer that formed in the back of her right eye and spread rapidly to her brain. i decided to temporarily retire to take care of her. i moved to Lacombe, LA until she had to return to M.D. Anderson where she passed away a month ago.

we all miss her like crazy and the days seem to drag by but slowly i'm picking up the pieces of my broken heart.

i'm going to take this much needed break and evaluate what and where i'm going but it's not all gloom and doom. much of my life is on the path i always knew it would be, which is happy and secure.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

la la la ...

have you ever noticed people love to complain about the weather? when you think about it, it's really funny. for instance, it's hot as hell out lately. hellooo it's mid July, it's suppose to be hot. okay but i'm going to take another road and tell you i actually like it. yep. i'll take this over stupid cold weather any day of the week. maybe it's because i wasn't raised in a cold climate so i've really never had the chance to adjust to it.
either way, it's hot out there peeps.

now i sound just like everybody else.

Monday, June 29, 2015

dream job #824

seahorse whisperer.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Green is the colour of her kind.

"so tell me, when you die, what intangible things will you miss the most?' my friend lisa recently asked me. "the smell of barbq coming from a neighbors grill next door," i said. "the sound of the drums coming from the high school band down the street before a mardi gras parade. and about a hundred shades of green."

Monday, June 22, 2015

lunch hour.

i have a secret hobby i'd like to share with you. have you ever shopped at Anthropologie? not online but the store itself. their displays are magnificent works of art. every 2 months or so they put out new displays throughout their stores across the nation and if you've never paid attention to them, you really should.
i found out (only because they know me now from my monthly visits) that all the displays throughout the store are made from scratch by their in house artists and are carefully monitored by Anthropologie headquarters in Philadelphia, PA.

so the next time you're downtown in New Orleans, or at one of their many locations, take a moment and admire their art, it's really impressive.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


okay peeps.. i realize i've been an awful blogger but i promise to fix this little problem. SWEAH!

i've been busy!

more to come.. promise.


Friday, April 24, 2015

observation Friday.

if you clean out your garage completely, you'll find treasures.  

when you're busy, the day flies by at rapid speed.

i'm a ninja.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Holy Thursday

it seems every year on Holy Thursday i'm either out of town working or something is going on that prevents me from joining my family for their annual lunch at Dooky Chase on this special day. of course we have to order a bowl of z'herbes (that looks pretty gross) but is so darn tasty.

that is always followed by their delicious fried chicken. it's the one thing i never seem to get tired of. it's obnoxious how much yard-bird i consume, and it's only a matter of time before i start growing feathers, i'm sure of it.
 sitting in the crowded dinning room were folks i'm either related to, went to school with or i know from Lakeview or Uptown. we spent the first hour hugging and kissing peeps at different tables and catching up on the comings and goings of our lives. it was so loud in the restaurant that at one point during lunch we all started laughing because we were shouting.

see the thing is, sitting at that long table with my four sisters and five nieces (no men allowed!) i couldn't help but silently thank the heavens above for blessing me with such an amazing, loving family. 

even if they always try to stick me with the bar tab.

Monday, March 23, 2015

thought of the day

when i was young i thought Bo Derek was the prettiest person on the planet.

now that i'm much older, i'd say i was pretty accurate.

Friday, March 13, 2015

visual studio express

sometime over the Christmas holidays i was asked to be a featured artist at a local private art institute here in the city.  of course my first response was, what do you want me to do? quickly their reply was "teach" ~ teach what?

so here i am, at the end of this very long and exhausting week and i have to admit this adventure has been one of the most enlightening avenues i've ever traveled down.
i was assigned to a "continuing art education class" whatever the heck that means and from the moment i stepped foot in the art studio of this lovely old structure, i had no earthly idea why i was here. most of these cats had been pushing the paint around long before i have and i'm not even sure what i could teach an old horse. what am i doing here and why was i asked to do this?

i want to go home.

ok, that was how i felt on Monday. as the week progressed i not only got in the groove with these incredibly talented artists but it was them teaching me not the other way around. as i looked around the class Monday morning there were six very accomplished artist waiting to see what i could teach them. my first exercise was to have them paint something in a day. no, not your throw the paint on the sailcloth, but give me something you'd consider one of your best. in a day. (you should have seen the look on their faces.) and with that i sat back and watched these peeps create what i can only describe as magnificent works of art. i'd love to post just one canvas but for privacy reasons i won't.
it was clear by the end of a hour seven without any breaks - no, not one person wanted to stop and have lunch, oh no, not this group. some stood, some sat, and some were all over the place as they all created their masterpiece. but not one nude. not one single nude was painted. now i know what it is i can teach them. i love nude drawing/painting! i was so jazzed i couldn't stand myself. so i quickly called a friend of mine who is a popular nude model and asked if she could show up early Wednesday through Friday. first we would work on creating a background of their choice, which took all of tuesday. (some of these pieces were so gorgeous it took my breath away.) early wednesday i instructed and demonstrated the fine art of nude drawing, painting and everything in between.

by the end of this week each artist had created something that was totally out of their comfort zone. which in my opinion is the very cornerstone to exploring and expanding the talent of an artist. my head is spinning from learning all the techniques and magic these artist demonstrated and trust me, if you ever want to see real raw talent, just get a bunch of accomplished artist together for a week and watch them work. it's been nothing shy of magic to my eyes.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

it just occurred to me....


#springforward #sunshine

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

yada yada yada..

Chris Rose. i haven't thought of him in ages.. which is really just as well. years before Katrina, Chris was a writer for the paper chasing local hollywood types and reporting on anything he could embellish with his clever wording. Chris and his wife Kelly and a few hundred of my closest friends gathered every year for Mardi Gras at the same location at Milan and St. Charles. we both had friends who lived in the apartments right behind our ladders which served as the perfect spot to hang before the parades and catch up on whatever came to our minds while we juggled Popeye's in one hand and two beers in the other. 

when Katrina hit, Chris saw the perfect opportunity to break away from his celebrity reporting and skillfully write passages about the aftermath of the storm and how it's furious wrath inflicted itself on his perfect life. there was no doubt he was talented at crafting stories that pulled at our heartstrings and made us laugh at the ridiculous. and it wasn't just the residents but the rest of the country seemed to hang on every word he published. he won a Pulitzer Prize for his personalized account of Katrina and wrote a book "One Dead in The Attic". i can remember right after the storm reading his column hoping to find out any news i could about businesses and beloved sections of the city in hopes they had been spared from Katrina's evil. it was a very dark time for me and any outlet was better than the hell i was dealing with at home. my siblings and my parents lost everthing and weeks after the storm the stress and heartache took my daddy's life and because of all that, my moms as well.

the following February the Mardi Gras parades rolled; we were thrilled to escape for a few stolen hours away from all the drama that consumed our lives. Chris and Kelly and their three adorable children were stationed at their usual spot next to me. with sorrowful eyes Chris asked.. "so how did you cats make out with it ?" my world was too much to bear and share so i just shrugged my shoulders and replied "like everyone else i suppose".

time marched on and my siblings rebuilt as did most of the families we knew who lost everything. but Chris.. well he was still carrying on as though Katrina had just happened, devastating his life and ripping up his home like something from The Wizard Of Oz. truth is, he made out just fine and Kelly evacuated to the North Shore with the kids. the following year he continued his depressing Katrina saga with a one man documentary that was basically a reenactment of his book. half way through the show my sister Margaret stood up, announced to our row that she had enough and stormed out of the theater, giving us the evil eye to do the same. she was furious. she felt (and rightfully so) Chris had used our tragedy (and when i say "our" i'm speaking for everyone affected by the hurricane) as a playground to milk his stories and aid his narcissistic agenda. 

yesterday Chris Rose and his self absorbed personality showed up on the Internets. he was being interviewed (and staying true to form) he conveyed how his life had gone to hell and it was all just too much for him to bear so he sought out comfort by way of pain killers. Kelly had enough of their marriage and left him, as did the paper. he jumped from job to job missing deadlines for local magazines and blowing threw money lent to him by generous folks. eventually he took up waiting tables hoping someone, anyone would recognize him and throw bouquets his way for one brief curtain call.

just the mere mention of his name brings back a flood of memories i'd just soon forget. time has marched on and so have i. as for my family, we refuse to be stuck in some sort of time capsule from the storm. besides, there is just too much life out there to live and i intend on doing just that.


since the ten year anniversary of Katrina is coming up i've decided that instead of reminiscing i'm going back to my volunteer work with Meals on Wheels. i called my connection this morning and signed up for every Wednesday to deliver the goods in chilly Gentilly to the elderly. sometimes the best medicine is to help others and what better way than to reach out to those who are lonely and could use a hug along with a delicious warm plate of New Orleans love.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

send a masseuse, please.

Early Monday morning (Lundi Gras) I hopped on a plane headed for Aspen, Colorado.

If you're not in shape, snowboarding will kick you in the twat.

Tomorrow I'll post a Mardi Gras post but I'm so sore that even typing this little bit is a struggle.
WAH! :'(

Monday, February 9, 2015

the cutest thing ever..


hope everyone's day was as beautiful as today's weather.  xo


maybe it's time i get a kitten.  :-)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

and now this from my soapbox:

it dawned on me today how much my blog reading has dwindled down to a small pilot light. and that's remarkable considering how many i used to read in just one day, most of which were local blogs around town.
why am i bringing this up? well today i was skimming through my reader (holds all the blogs i follow) and there they all were, post after post after post, complaining and berating some poor soul who they feel is a complete moron or loser because surly they could do a better job, right? i'm not talking about a once in a while bitch session, oh no, it's constant. i suppose it's all about the slander and making whoever the target is appear as tiny as the roaches that live in my walls. how i see it, it's easy to tear someone down if you really don't have a pressure filled job, one that pounds on your back most of the day. and lets face it, real pressure isn't sitting in a nice air condititoned room pecking at the keys while your nextdoor neighbor is at the hospital with her child who's in intensive care. now that's pressure people.

i can't help but wonder if any of these bloggers were in some sort of public spotlight how they'd handle the everyday stress and pressure like those idiots they so cleverly write about.

probably not very well.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

thought of the day

maybe music with strangers is the path to world peace. 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Blonde Moment #1

how could i resist not posting something about Bensongate? seriously, it's all so bizarre it makes my head hurt. do i have to pick a side? Gayle or Rita? sure, that's easy, i'm going with Gayle. i mean, first off, it's not rita's team.. HELLO... IT'S_NOT_HER_FREAKIN'_TEAM!
sorry charlie, whether you, me or anyone else likes it or not her grandfather, Mr. Benson can do anything he damn well pleases. but if i'm completely honest here, i think the real reason i'm so miffed with spoiled rotten brat poo-poo pants Rita is because even if she doesn't win her law suit, she still gets 400 million dollars.
i mean come on Shriners, how much do ya really need to be happy? 400 million certainly would work for me.

but hey, it's their fight, let'em duke it out but my chip is on Mr. and Mrs Benson. yep, no judge is going to want to give this team to Rita so she can turn around and sell us the next day. can you imagine the long term consequences for that judge? lawd!

so, now that i've gotten that out of the way, lemme tell you about my little Rita Benson LeBlanc story. i'm pretty sure i've even written a post on this a long time ago but i'm too lazy to go back and find it.

and it definitely should be filed under:

                        Blonde Moment #1


the year was 2009 (or 2008) and i was in Atlanta to watch the Saints play the dirty birds. minding my own business, heading to my room i hopped on a crowded elevator.....

lady: "WOW I love your boots! Where did you get them?"
me:   "oh a while ago in New York, thank you."
lady:  "Figures, New York always has such great finds."
me   "i can see by your sweater you must be a Saints fan"

zero response. zilch, zip, nada. absolutely nothing. **crickets**

she gave me the 2 blink stare and quickly exited the elevator with her friend.

the doors closed and everyone in the elevator howled with laughter. perplexed, i asked (to no one in particular) if i had said something wrong. the guy next to me chuckled and informed me it was Rita Benson LeBlanc.