Thursday, April 17, 2014


always stalking.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

driving miss daisy.

i flew into New York early yesterday morning for a quick meeting and some John Hancock's in black ink. i am dealing with attorneys after all, and these cats want to know when they'll receive their paintings.. down to the second. and why the heck couldn't we just fax the contract? i make it a rule to choose my battles so i suppose this just ain't one of them.
though i'm teaching, i still paint on the side for clients and such. anywho, something was wrong and i knew it before i stepped on the plane; i had one ferocious tummy ache that kept me up most of the night and it was becoming increasingly worse, so i was feeling pretty puny. i knew i wouldn't have time to flit around the big apple as usual because i had class today as my students are in the midst of exams before their Spring break next week.
by the time i got to Mr Hey Baby, Love Ya, Love ya's office, i was bent over in such pain that i could barely walk. wow.. something is just bonkers. maybe eating that breakfast taco from Taco Bell wasn't one of my better decisions. i called my doc in NOLA and quickly he made arrangements for me to check into Mount Sinai Hospital here in Manhattan.
the ride to the hospital was interesting. my cabby drove like a raging lunatic and all i could muster was a whisper along the lines of, "pleasedontkillme."

come to find out, i have a kidney stone. nothing major but OH MY GOD HAVE YOU EVER IN YOUR LIFE HAD ONE OF THESE?! and they had the gall to tell me it's "little". oh yeah? little huh? i'll show you little as i shove my fist... oh..ok nevermind. **mini freak out** the pain was horrific but the morphine soon did it's job *whew* and i'm peachy laying here coming in and out of some weird Peter Max dream with my little morphine pump clutched in my right hand. 

i can't wait till they try to pry this baby away from me. heh.
(the reaction will be something like this... yes. i'm sure of it)

carry on, chickens.    

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

significance of the difference

for years now i've made my living creating art. i never really considered myself an artist until i was sitting on a plane headed for Canada and the elderly lady sitting next to me asked if i was the artist she had read about earlier that week. *ok, that right there horrified me because the tiny pic from that article was taken without any "prep" work and i had just finished a grueling marathon. but someone actually read about me? seriously? me? damn.

since then, my work has always been steady and i've been fortunate to pick projects that challenge my skills and imagination. but i have to tell you, never have i been more aware of the "art world" than i am right now teaching these wickedly talented kids. if you're an art lover like me, you more than likely have realized skill and technique have fallen at the waist side and become a thing of long ago past. somehow "wild" and "odd/shocking" art has been labeled as creative and dare i say genius. and i'm willing to bet it's been placed there by the young. i know this because my students are just now being introduced to the masters, something they've only vaguely glossed over in a past art history class. these kids are thirsty for a greater knowledge regarding technique and of course i'm in hog heaven to teach them as much as i can regarding the subject. constantly i point out how the old masters who were restlessly searching for more vibrant colors, while perfecting their technique to make their works more dazzling and imaginative to the eye. through the years i've learned their main goal was to create real masterpieces, not a copy of another painting as so many artist i see do today. somehow we've lost creativity in place of shocking and disturbing images that have no actual meaning or simply no one can understand. unfortunately today i see many painters using this technique to gain attention and publicity, but in reality, most of their works simply cannot be understood, because their pieces have no meaning and were created with bad technical skills and luck. i'm not saying they don't have their place in the art world, they most certainly do, but there is a difference between the two which should never be confused as one.

i gave my students an assignment over the weekend and the results weren't surprising. i handed out two copies of art for them to try and duplicate. one was a piece of contemporary art and the other was a Leonardo da Vinci. (both art i admire, but you see where i'm going with this.) the contemporary pieces pretty much all looked the same but they were unable to recreate the da Vinci. as one student asked me, "how did they do it? it's like really nuts that anyone could paint like that. i wasn't even sure where to start."

i love all art but i'm careful to teach that there are different mediums of art. it's just my half baked uninteresting opinion that in order to be a great artist you need to be creative and you also need to have great art skill. throwing paint with a twist of your brush in mid air isn't technique. it's called luck. hopefully it will land just so and look like something interesting and wild while pleasing to the eye. painting without technique is just impossible. i spend countless hours opening my young students eyes to art that will encourage them to fearlessly explore all the corners of their minds and to be as creative as possible, while at the same time work, learn and study restlessly to have great skill-set.
making art is easy but mastering it takes technique, creativity and sheer determination to keep you striving to achieve your very best.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

update saturday

dear peeps, due to riding with the family (tradition) in Krewe Of Tucks, chasing endless parades during Carnival, hopping on a plane to flee Lundi Gras & Mardi Gras day as so many locals do - i've been busy too busy to blog because I'm having the time of my life. :-)
I spent 10 glorious days in Vail, Colorado sking and snowboarding in the absolute best conditions I can ever remember. but as usual, sometime around day ten I got homesick and besides, the school break was over and my sub had paid me back for days she owed me. other than that, I've been obsessed with my gardens as I anyways am this time of year.
so with that brief update, I must get back to digging in the mud. I really need to get things perfect for next month.. ;-))

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

[having the color of the sun or of ripe lemons]

this morning, i was on my way to school driving down St. Chuck when something caught my eye. it was the little iron bench i gave my sister two years ago. it's hard to spot, but sure enough i saw it as i passed her beautiful home. i had forgotten all about that bench and how i himmed and hawed standing in my favorite little haunte store, Ricca's. i never dreamed she'd put it in her front yard, but she did and there it was, under the massive oak tree just waiting for someone to take a moment and sit on it's old iron seat among the lush gardens.

that was two years ago. i remember because i gave it to her for her birthday. and my goodness how my life has settled down since then. (think chaotic music and now an easy breezy melody.) back then i lived briefly on Upperline, but i soon realized that i wanted to move back to my old street, Octavia where i knew i've always belonged. Upperline never felt right and i knew it from the first week i lived there; but at the time i was trying to put a square peg in a round space. it just wasn't going to work and i knew it. 
i smiled to myself as i passed her house knowing exactly what i was going to do as i examined the little orange bench. i took such pride in painting it two years ago, but that was then and now i feel so differently about everything, including that hideous shade of orange. i pushed the dial on my dash to call her and as soon as she answered i asked her if i could repaint the bench another color.

right away she asked what color and i quickly answered "yellow".

sometimes there's nothing happier in the world than yellow.


"The fog when it sneaks in off the lake, and little drops of dew lightly pop and stir the winter leaves at the base of the oaks..."

sometimes waking up to a 2:14am text is pretty darn sweet. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

slug. i'm a slug.

it's that time again... ah yes, that stretch of two weeks when i become totally and completely engrossed with the Olympics. i'm addicted. there, i just wanted to get that off my chest. and why i wonder? every since i can remember i've participated in sports, yet there isn't one sport featured i can ever recall spending 5 minutes to try. ok, ice skating doesn't count and besides, i'm a wreck on the ice... you just can't imagine how bad i am. i could be a YouTube sensation if anyone had me on video.
so for the next two weeks you'll know where to find me each evening. and just as a public service announcement, anyone entertaining the notion of knocking on my door or ringing my telly during the Curling event is dead meat! DEAD MEAT!

Monday, February 10, 2014

something to aspire after.

A doctor on his morning walk, noticed the old lady pictured above:,

She was sitting on her front step smoking a cigar, so he walked up to her and said,

“I couldn’t help but notice how happy you look! What is your secret?”

“I smoke ten cigars a day,” she said. “Before I go to bed, I smoke a nice big joint.

Apart from that, I drink a whole bottle of Jack Daniels every week, and eat only junk food..

On weekends, I pop pills, have sex, and I don’t exercise at all.

“That is absolutely amazing! How old are you?”

“Forty,” she replied                                                                        


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ms mermaid ~ one and two

i was laying on the sofa watching the late night news slowly but surely falling into a delicious slumber when i was awoken by an image i haven't seen in years. there on the screen was one of the fabulous mermaids from the 1984 Worlds Fair here in New Orleans. i remember the first time i ever laid eyes on these beauties, i was running in the grand opening race on day one of the fair. the giant mermaids adorned the entrance way to the fair which theme was "The World of Rivers" and there they stood, watching over hundreds of locals and tourists alike as they passed through their pearly gates to the fair.

here i am, so many years later looking at the ole girls who appeared rather worn but just like all of us, they made it threw the wrath of Katrina and yet still managed to look proud. the segment was focusing on the effort to restore the ladies and bring them back to their grand stature. i jumped up and shouted to no one in particular, "I WANT TO BE PART OF THAT!" (seriously, that's exactly what i said ) so this morning i'm getting on the horn to find the gentleman who owns and will be heading up this amazing project and offer my time and ninja painting skills. after all, i know a thing or two about moving the paint around and what an exciting adventure to be part of something so magnificent. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

thought of the day.

now that sneauxmageddon is finally over.. can we please have summer? please?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

if Degas can do it..

if you follow me on Twitter there's one thing you absolutely know for certain and that is i love to cook. for me it's one of the best hobbies one can possibly master. and even if i'm an iron chef in my own mind no one has complained yet. well that is until last night.
baking just isn't my thing. it always ends up in a disaster and i walk away feeling defeated. but do i give up? hell no. every few months or so i forget about said disaster and throw the flour around with hopes that i may one day be Chef Mary Sonnier or some other fancy-pants pastry chef who puts out delicious treasures.
i'm completely and totally obsessed with the Chambord raspberry in the center delicious cake from Cafe Degas. family and friends take pics of this incredibly yumbo cake weekly knowing that it will make me smile. i adore this cake so much that when i go to Cafe Degas i'll just order an appetizer and skip the entree just so i won't be too filled up to enjoy my cake.
anywho, yesterday i was invited to small party and requested to bring a desert. wait what?! lisa knows i can't bake, why would she ask such a thing? and with that i decided if Degas can do it, well damn it so can i. i mean how hard can it be? actually all i did was make a simple white cake and added a cup Chambord in it. i then lined the inside with fluffy white icing and then raspberry preserves. i couldn't believe how easy it was. and the batter was so tasty i could hear the angels sing. so off i go all dolled up, lipstick heels, hair updo, the whole deal. i pull out of my driveway and head down Carrollton Ave with the cake in my lap because i was afraid it would fall over if i put it on the floor. that right there was where it all went terribly wrong. i'm at the light and i look down to admire my master piece and the entire top layer of the cake is making its way towards my blouse. the light turns green and the fool behind me honks (don't ya hate that?) i slowly accelerate with one hand on the wheel and the other holding the cake and then same fool decides to teach me a lesson and pulls in front of me. i hit the brakes and well then the whole damn cake slides into my new blouse and is now totally off the plate and in my lap and now the top starts sliding sideways and i had a fine mess on my hands. by the time i got to lisa's i looked as though i'd been in a war in the back room at Randazzo's. she just gave me this look like "what in the world happened to you?" icing and raspberry preserves everywhere. how it got in my hair is still a mystery.

actually no one knew of my horror drive to the party and the cake was delicious despite its tumultuous landslide and frantic patch job at each red light i encountered. maybe i just need to give up this idea that i have ninja baking skills and stick to cooking and grilling. but next time i promise you, when i bake a cake, i'm going to make sure it's 100% cooled down before i add icing.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

shoot me. please.

so here's the latest in my little corner of town. i have a new neighbor who's moved here from a small rural town in Nebraska. i swear, you'd think by talking with her she's never had a lick of fun in all of her 32 years on this planet. in many ways i find her endearing but usually she just grates on my nerves like an old noisy alley cat who's looking for some chow. why you ask? well. she's a typical transplant who's moved here and within a year has become "everything NOLA" those of you who live here are chuckling. i know you are because i can hear
 you. so tell me, what is it about our city that brings this obnoxious crap out in people? but really it only gets worse with time because they then become the authority on EVERYTHING NOLA.

yesterday she lectured to me about the lighthouse in West End and then she moved on to the trees in City Park. later she yabbered on and on about our school system, Mardi Gras parade routes, construction on St. Charles and drainage problems. (like somehow i missed the memo all this time)
after giving it some thought she said she's decided to start a blog and write about her discoveries because ya know, no one has ever done that.

everything NOLA - only hipsters need apply.


Saturday, January 18, 2014


yes. i believe so.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

keeping promises.

early this morning i got a text from my oldest friend on the planet. the divine miss e. simply said she wanted to come over because she needed some "lilliput time". i jumped out of bed and made a fresh pot of coffee then proceed to brush and tackle with the mop that lives on top of my head.
minutes later there was a small knock on the door. the divine and i instantly fell into our familiar pattern as old friends tend to do. much had changed in her world since last we spoke and most of it was terribly upsetting. she lost her youngest son (22years old) to a rare tumor condition months ago. her oldest, now in law school, got married and is separated and dealing with an ugly divorce.

sadly, i wasn't able to attend her sons funeral because i was having surgery that day. her son had been sick for many, many years and in a sweet way she said "he was just done". e. went on to say he was ready to let go, but he had to know that she and the rest of the family would be able to move on, love and grow. they made a pact and two weeks later he quietly passed away in his bedroom.

sometimes death can be a beautiful thing. i suppose how you learn to deal with misfortune is the key to it all. thinking back, i can remember my father telling me that it's not the blows in life that define you, but how you pull yourself up after that count.

Friday, January 10, 2014

50 reasons to love being a Saints fan...

i was cleaning out my files and i came across this. i have no idea who wrote it or where it came from but i thought it was perfect to post today. ;-) who dat!
Let us count the ways ...
50. Because green and yellow is just tacky.
49. Because krunking is all we know.
48. Two words: Dome foam.
47. Because this fleur-de-lis tattoo
means FOREVER.
46. Because Mike Ditka isn't our head coach anymore.
45. Because Steve Gleason taught us: No white flags.
44. Because we need to love them, to counterbalance our vitriol for the replacement refs.
43. "(Because) I bleed black and gold." 
42. Because of John Gilliam.
41. Because it's our job -- and
Sean Payton told us to do our job.
40. Because the Who Dat Nation's lows are nowhere near as low as the highs are high. (Whoa. I think I just blew my mind.)
39. Because in 2007, the Giants started 0-2 in Steve Spagnuolo's first year as defensive coordinator -- and still won the Super Bowl.
38. Because, between you and me, it's kind of fun to hear Bobby Hebert's on-air freak-outs.
37. Because of Drew Brees.
And Jimmy Graham.
And Pierre Thomas. And ...
36. Because Sundays are for second-lining. Period.
35. Because the best kind of gumbo is game-day gumbo.
34. Because Drew Brees taught us to "Finish Strong."
33. Because my Daddy loved them.
32. Because Grandad loved them before dat.
31. Because I still want to be in that number.
30. Because they're family -- and family doesn't always get it right. But you support and love them anyway.
29. Because of Dalton Hilliard.
28. Because from Slidell to LakeCharles and from Shreveport to Grand Isle, we've been through a lot worse. A lot worse.
27. Because we're fools for the 504.
26. Because I'm not giving up these season tickets now.
25. Because it's fun to hate the Falcons.
24. Because there's nothing quite like the sound of Section 637 banging on the Superdome walls.
23. "Because I'm from Louisiana, I support my home team, and they are great survivors/overcomers in life and sports." -- @lilme2day
22. Because they're ours.
21. Because this isn't Jacksonville, dammit.
20. Because New Orleans is the only city that knows how to throw a proper Super Bowl parade.
19. Because once a Who Dat, always a Who Dat.
18. Because of old No. 57. And the rest of the Dome Patrol.
17. Because it's about way more than X's and O's.
16. Because everybody looks good in black and gold.
15. Because the player-led "Who Dat" chant during pregame takes our breath away.
14. Because it's the Buddy D. way.
13. Because the heart wants what the heart wants.
12. Because of the Benson Boogie.
11. Because they were there for us.
10. Because we are not the Cowboys!
9. Because of 2009.
8. Because of Archie.
7. Because the Seahawks are going down Monday night.
6. Because we know what it means to miss New Orleans.
5. Because they are forever champions.
4. Because they love us back.
3. Because we're not going to let Roger Goodell win. EVER.
2. Because New Orleanians aren't quitters.
1. Because I believe.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

happy new year!

here's the time of year where i usually post how happy i am the past year is over and done with and how a new one is about to begin, full of hope and joy for a fresh new start. blah blah blah.
well. not this year.
looking back, it's been a pretty darn good year. so i'm not going to bore you will all that hooey that i normally do. but i am going to say i have a feeling
2014 is going to top them all. ;-) i really do.

happy new year, peeps. here's sending you all the love for a blessed new beginning.


Monday, December 16, 2013


scratch that last post.

i may be better off just watching this.


works for me.

when i have a decision to make i handle it in a very immature fashion; i take a walk on the beach and collect as many pebbles as i can fit in my hand. then i select only the most beautiful and unusual-looking pebbles. when i can't fit another one in my hand, i fling them into the waves.

it's just that simple. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

burrr kittens!

it's cold peeps. ok, ok.. it's not ^this^ cold.. but it sure feels like it.
this morning i had the pizza oven going in the kitchen and my gas fireplace in the bedroom roaring. i just can't get warm.
how do people do it? how? it's all i've been asking myself lately. but i guess it's no different than when folks from up north come down here and complain about the heat.
sad thing is, i'm sitting here watching the news and it's flooded with images of what winter really is. yikes! ... i shake my head as check the thermostat which reads 45.
i better throw on another log. 

i just knew it! hmph!

see.. i knew it all along.  pineapple house is misrepresenting the universe.