Tuesday, December 10, 2013

burrr kittens!

it's cold peeps. ok, ok.. it's not ^this^ cold.. but it sure feels like it.
this morning i had the pizza oven going in the kitchen and my gas fireplace in the bedroom roaring. i just can't get warm.
how do people do it? how? it's all i've been asking myself lately. but i guess it's no different than when folks from up north come down here and complain about the heat.
sad thing is, i'm sitting here watching the news and it's flooded with images of what winter really is. yikes! ... i shake my head as check the thermostat which reads 45.
i better throw on another log. 


  1. See, when you weight in the double digits you tend to get colder than most earthlings. Just saying.. :p

  2. Merry Christmas to my favorite Little Termite!

  3. What's going on, Tink? I've tried to reach you but to no avail. (Did you drop your phone in the toilet again??) I'm trying to get the team to register for the Cali marathon so please call me ASAP!