Tuesday, February 18, 2014

[having the color of the sun or of ripe lemons]

this morning, i was on my way to school driving down St. Chuck when something caught my eye. it was the little iron bench i gave my sister two years ago. it's hard to spot, but sure enough i saw it as i passed her beautiful home. i had forgotten all about that bench and how i himmed and hawed standing in my favorite little haunte store, Ricca's. i never dreamed she'd put it in her front yard, but she did and there it was, under the massive oak tree just waiting for someone to take a moment and sit on it's old iron seat among the lush gardens.

that was two years ago. i remember because i gave it to her for her birthday. and my goodness how my life has settled down since then. (think chaotic music and now an easy breezy melody.) back then i lived briefly on Upperline, but i soon realized that i wanted to move back to my old street, Octavia where i knew i've always belonged. Upperline never felt right and i knew it from the first week i lived there; but at the time i was trying to put a square peg in a round space. it just wasn't going to work and i knew it. 
i smiled to myself as i passed her house knowing exactly what i was going to do as i examined the little orange bench. i took such pride in painting it two years ago, but that was then and now i feel so differently about everything, including that hideous shade of orange. i pushed the dial on my dash to call her and as soon as she answered i asked her if i could repaint the bench another color.

right away she asked what color and i quickly answered "yellow".

sometimes there's nothing happier in the world than yellow.


  1. I didn't like that hood to be perfectly honest with you. Too close to all those know it all hipsters.. ;) Besides, you have such a pretty house.
    Can't wait to have you help me with the RVQ stained glass project!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great choice! Yellow has always been my favorite color.

  3. It's all good, Ms. Fancy Pants. I'm happy to see that ole snaky orange hit the skids.. yellow becomes you.

  4. How are you, tiny dancer? I saw you running down the avenue last week dodging the streetcar. ;) I heard you're teaching now! Did you secure the job at the Ritz yet? Let me know so I can swing by and bring you lunch while you hang from your scaffold. Luv ya, Fritz