Wednesday, February 12, 2014

slug. i'm a slug.

it's that time again... ah yes, that stretch of two weeks when i become totally and completely engrossed with the Olympics. i'm addicted. there, i just wanted to get that off my chest. and why i wonder? every since i can remember i've participated in sports, yet there isn't one sport featured i can ever recall spending 5 minutes to try. ok, ice skating doesn't count and besides, i'm a wreck on the ice... you just can't imagine how bad i am. i could be a YouTube sensation if anyone had me on video.
so for the next two weeks you'll know where to find me each evening. and just as a public service announcement, anyone entertaining the notion of knocking on my door or ringing my telly during the Curling event is dead meat! DEAD MEAT!


  1. You're hilarious, Lizzy! I can't wait to see you over Mardi Gras!